Team Retreat

Mailing Address: 

7544 Cty Rd. P
Presque Isle, WI 54557

Meeting Place: 

Retreat Bar
Presque Isle, WI

Dates and Times: 

3rd Sun-June, 2nd Thu-Sept, 3rd Sun-Oct

Approximate Members: 


Officers and Contacts: 

Forbes Taylor
  • President
Max Wallace
  • Vice President
Beth Marohn
(906) 280-5996
  • Alliance Representative
  • Club Contact
  • Secretary
Adam Slowinski
  • Treasurer

About Us

The Musky Clubs Alliance of Wisconsin is an alliance of about 25 Wisconsin based musky clubs.  One of the main purposes of the Alliance is to provide an organizational framework in which the clubs can share information and work together to improve the musky fishery.

The Alliance is made up of a board of directors which includes the President, Vice President, Sectretary, Treasurer, and two co-directors.  There is also one representative and alternate from each member club. There are two main meeting a year, one in the spring (April), and one in the fall (November).

The Alliance sponsors two major fund raising events each year to help raise money for the activities of the Alliance and the member clubs.  One fund raiser is the annual boat raffle for a Recon boat & trailer, with a Mercury motor.  The other fund raiser is the annual National Championship Musky Open Tournament held in Eagle River, which is co- sponsored with the Eagle River Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center.